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Hi there! My name is Creta Park!
I have a passion in creating video games and love to draw.

The character of the game White Spirit under development, Poi

What I do

Mainly, I use C# to create video games as well as softwares.
For example, this homepage you are currently viewing is a server app developed with ASP.NET Core using C#.
More information about what I had with C# is in Skills section.

Before I started using C#, I aspired to use Flash as a game developer.
Also about this story written in Why I decided to be a game developer section.

I regularly post my developments on my YouTube channel or write a devlog for White Spirit on my blog.



Mainly used to create games with Unity Engine,
but nowadays I'm also interested in new technologies in .NET.


Immature compared to C# because it's not my main programming language.

◇ Web development and JavaScript

ActionScript in Flash has a structure-
similar to JavaScript, which able me to learn quickly.
HTML or CSS studied for making our team homepage

ActionScript 3.0

It's my home language. but not used well now.

  • 9 years experience
  • A language I started programming
  • When I was a high school student, I made a club team-
    and made a game together with two friends (Square PVP)
  • Experienced making implement equally other games
  • Experienced creating editors

Why I decided to be a game developer

Computer and Super Mario Bros.

Since childhood, I have been interested in computers.
Then, when I was in elementary school, I met a game on the Internet.
That was Super Mario Bros.(1985) by Nintendo.

I fell in love with that platform game.
That was moved as much as I pressed, and the unique smooth and dynamic movements made a big impression onto me.

Printer and Microsoft Paint

Since that day, I've started to express Mario through many things I can do myself.
But at that time, all that was on the computer was Paint and PowerPoint.

However, for me, which was pure, PowerPoint was a tool for creating moving pictures,
and even with my father's help, I can able to print out my artwork with Paint on a printer.
so I started to feel confident in making it myself.

Computer and Flash

One day I started to be interested in Flash, which allows me to play games right on the Internet.
In particular, I began to create a Dodge mouse in PowerPoint.
Dodge mouse's rule is simple : move the mouse to the point of arrival without touching the wall to finish.

Meanwhile, thanks to Flash's unique gradients that PowerPoint can't express, I started Flash by find the reason why can't express like it.

Flash and JumpJump

When I was using Flash, I was active in the Flash community called Flash365.

One day, a tutorial by 'y=f(x)' was posted on Flash365.
That tutorial included the source file, basics of a platform game that moves left and right and jumps.

Discovering this tutorial was a decisive event that completely turned my destiny into a game developer.
This gave me the opportunity to make a platform game without any programming expertise.

And nowdays

I've made a lot from this source ever since.
Then one day, I modified the numbers in the source code.
It was just a curiosity, I was wondering how this code worked.

At that time, I was surprised that the behavior changed when I changed the numbers .
So I started to be interested in this, and I started modifying the code one by one.

In the midst of creating many things with Flash, I began to thinking and discovering the essence of creating games, which motivated me to being a game developer.

Admired people

The person I admire is...
Shigeru Miyamoto, who helped me grow up the dream of a game developer by watching Mario,
and 'y=f(x)' giving me the opportunity to make platform game without decisive expertise and be interested in programming to me. it's been 12 years now.


Animation is not my major, but I study and practice drawing for making games.
When drawing, I use a program called Krita.

Flight animation wip
Chicory fanartChristmas
TreeCeleste fanart

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